Send, Pray, Encourage…

Mission’s committee was created by the Elder board to help increase, and maintain congregational awareness in regards to the specific missionaries New Song supports on a monthly basis.  We meet monthly to pray, and work on any upcoming projects and or brainstorm for more ways to raise awareness.

Each person on the committee has made a commitment to stay in contact with specific missionaries that we (as individuals on the committee)  have “adopted” so that we can keep the congregation updated during the month we are spotlighting them.

We  then use forums such as articles in the newsletter, as well as displays in the foyer with pictures and prayer request and/or activities we are made aware of. We are also moving in the direction of having one person from the committee bring a verbal awareness of the Missionary of the Month to the congregation during one Sunday of the month.

Our committee also assists in promotion of Faith Promise Month.  We also have on display a brochure that includes all our current missionaries and information about them.

We oversee, set up, and promote the yearly Missionary Auction as well as help with the yearly garage sale to fund the Missionary Programs New  song supports.

Our  committee at present: Lynne Barnes as the chairperson, Larry and Susan Young, Ernie Abey, and Cody Seher.